Kicking the tires on bhyve UEFI HTTP Boot

The -devel port for bhyve's uefi firmware has just been committed. Here's a sketch of how you can kick the tires and give it a try:

HTTP boot can boot either a UEFI binary (like loader.efi) or a disk image, which it will set up as a ramdisk and boot in the normal UEFI way. One easy way to try out HTTP boot is to set it up to boot the installer image straight from the URL:


The easiest way to arrange for that is to type `exit` at the EFI shell to be taken to the configuration UI, and then go through the menus to:

Device Manager >> Network Device List >> MAC:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx >> HTTP Boot Configuration >> Boot URI

and paste in the URL. This creates a new boot option for HTTP with the given URL. Then go back to the top of the configuration menus and go to:

Boot Maintenance Manager >> Boot Options >> Change Boot Order

make the newly created HTTP boot option the first one and commit that change.

When you get to the FreeBSD loader, escape to the loader prompt and do:

  load /boot/kernel/kernel
  load /boot/kernel/nvdimm.ko

The nvdimm kernel module is needed to recognize the ram disk that UEFI has created. You should then boot to a working system. bsdinstall failed for me when I tried to do an install, I think because it wants to use a place on the cd9660 filesystem as its DISTDIR.